Charlotte Trans Students Will Choose Bathroom/Locker Room When School Starts

Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools (CMS) will allow transgender students access to bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice beginning in August, according to CMS Principal in Residence Ivy Gill announced Monday that when school starts back students will be trained on “how to deal with differences at school,” which will include “special accommodations for transgender students” like access to restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

Ms. Gill said, “If there is a request for increased privacy in the restroom or locker room, we will provide a private or screened off area in a locker room, a separate changing facility schedule, or use of a nearby private area such as a staff office or single restroom or shower.” She went on to say that this also includes access to staff restrooms.

CMS attorneys insist that they are “simply following the law.” Attorney George Battle said, “This isn’t CMS taking a stand against HB 2. This isn’t us flouting our legislature. This is CMS following the law as it states.”

Image via Christian Examiner


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