What You’re Not Being Told About The Refugee Crisis

As refugees pour into the United States, the mainstream media fails to report the full story according to Infowars. Americans are made to believe that the majority of the migrants are Syrian families fleeing from war and ISIS persecution. However, “of the 50% who claim to be Syrian, in some areas 90% don’t even have documentation to prove it.” According to the UN’s own documents, “72% of the migrants are men, with just 13% women, and 15% children.”

Infowars points out that many of the refugees “have nothing whatsoever to do with the Syrian refugee crisis,” but they are seeking a better life. Many, upon their arrival into the countries that “refuse to shower them with free cash, they head straight for welfare havens like Sweden and Germany.” Most are not fleeing war at all but are in search of a higher standard of living funded by European taxpayers.

International Business Times documents an incident where ISIS fighters were caught posing as refugees, “taking advantage of the movements of displaced families.”

Infowars points out that mainstream media only shows footage of the migrants in a positive light while the criminal acts of the refugees bring more violence into Europe. Further, the “images of Jihadist rebels who fought with ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups arriving in Germany as migrants” are suppressed.

Infowars reports US Air Force General Phillip Breedlove, who is also head of the US European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander, said that the refugee flows from one or two years ago mainly consisted of “probably more legitimate refugees” who were “fleeing civil wars, terrorism, and other problems.”

He went on to say that he has seen an increase of  “criminality, terrorism, and foreign fighters” in the flow of refugees, which is “a daily part of the refugee flow now.”

Infowars says that the European government justifies the influx to meet the needs the immigrants for cheap labor, when in fact, the European Union countries are “exploiting the migrant crisis to import huge numbers of people who will eventually vote for more big government and more EU bureaucracy.” It points out that 58% of Sweden’s welfare money goes to immigrants, not its citizens.

They go on to say that the “migrant crisis wouldn’t exist in the first place if our NATO powers hadn’t armed and funded Jihadists in the Middle East and North Africa to topple secular governments.”

Meanwhile, Americans are being told that they must “open the floodgates to waves of people who are completely intolerant of liberal, western values,” all in the name of tolerance.

Image of ISIS Fighters Posing As Refugees via International Business Times





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