Prolife Clinic Denied Rezoning Request Next To Abortion Clinic

A Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Raleigh, North Carolina was denied a rezoning request to move next door to an abortion clinic during the Raleigh City Council meeting on Tuesday according to WNCN.

Last year the prolife organization bought the residential-zoned property located on Jones Franklin Road, which is next door to abortion clinic, Preferred Women’s Health Center.

Currently the two facilities are located less than a mile apart.

Last April the abortion clinic said that they oppose rezoning of the property because it “will bring more harassment and scrutiny to its patients and staff.” They call the move “an intimidation tactic” that “will not change anyone’s personal beliefs.”

The abortion clinic said that it “does not support the underhanded tactics of Hand of Hope or its associates,” and if the rezoning request is granted, it would “cause disruption and difficulties” for not only their business but for their neighbors, as well.

According to Life Site News, when A Hand of Hope purchased the property in 2015 they requested a zoning allowance for commercial use. This move was an attempt to reduce its budget by relocating from their current rented office. Although the City Planning Commission gave its unanimous approval, the city council voted down the request seven to zero.

It goes on to say that Preferred Women’s Health Center has been the site of protests and demonstrations from prolife and abortion advocates. Last year 26 groups received protest permits for the location.

A Hand of Hope Executive Director Tonya Baker Nelson said that her “organization doesn’t participate in the protests or demonstrations.”

Mrs. Nelson told Free Press Beacon on Wednesday that the move is a “sound financial” one. She said that it is “the wisest use of the money” in their efforts to “help women consider choosing life for their baby.”

With regards to the allegations regarding their practices, she said, “Our best practices are totally transparent and without an obvious tilt toward being influenced by ‘making a sale’ and profit from ending one person’s life and affecting another one.”

Mrs. Nelson said, “We see the men and women in the middle of making a pregnancy decision as human beings instead of dollar signs.”  She said, “They know the difference. When they come back to us, even after ending their pregnancies, they know we genuinely care for them—that doesn’t sound underhanded to me.”

When asked if they will fight the ruling, Mrs. Nelson said, “We currently have a team of attorneys looking into our legal options at this point.”

Image via Charisma News